"Il catalogo è questo"

This collection of scores results from my conviction that many music teachers, conductors and musical associations are constantly searching for repertoire suitable for their students.. The musical material I prepare for Prima Materia could be useful in other situations and rather than leave it to gather dust (or the equivalent inside a computer) publishing it online could save someone, somewhere many hours of work.

Prima Materia thinks about music in a social context. We encourage young and “diversely young” musicians to make music together right from the beginning – at least in this way the 3-4 notes that one musician can play can be linked to another 3-4 notes played by another. In addition the scores reflect the choice of musical instrument made by the student, resulting in unusual ensembles with sometimes surprising sonorities. Not only do the scores stem from the musical forces available in that particular academic year, often they can be linked to specific performers in the sense that maybe I have an expert oboist (or marimba player) on hand. For this reason it is highly unlikely that the scores as they stand are useful to anyone: in fact the different arrangements of the same piece are a clear sign of the necessity to adapt constantly to new circumstances. This is a “work in progress” which can, and should, be continually updated – I await your suggestions.

Lastly, Prima Materia is in constant need of financial support. These scores are freely available but any contribution is gratefully received. Remember that if these scores help you save time – time is . . . time is energy, time is taking care, time is the space in which music lives.
If you require a version of a score to fit your particular needs and you have difficulty in producing it maybe we can help. Contact us.

Have a good browse and let us know your opinions.

Henry Brown

p.s. There is now a site: henrybrownmusic.com dedicated to my own compositions and to arrangements which are made for concert settings. The scores are not free but all proceeds from sales will go directly to Prima Materia. Take a look.

Scores Database

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N. cat. Titolo Sort descending Compositore Tipologia Organico Difficoltà Durata
099b Ausencia Bregovic, Goran Strumentale 7-10 piccola ensemble Avanzato 2:00-5:00
054b Ballata del Magnaccia Weill, Kurt 10-20 ensemble Intermedio 2:00-5:00
168 Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie Anon. Strumentale Trio < 2:00
121a Bohemian Rhapsody 'Queen' Orchestrale Intermedio 5:00-10:00
125a Bridgesinging! Brown, Henry Semplice < 2:00
071 Cabaret Kander, John Quintetto Avanzato 2:00-5:00
085a Cabaret Kander, John 10-20 ensemble Avanzato 2:00-5:00
073a Canto d'Autunno Trad. 7-10 piccola ensemble Principianti < 2:00
021a Canto di Guerra Schumann, Robert Strumentale 10-20 ensemble < 2:00
021b Canto di Guerra Schumann, Robert Strumentale 10-20 ensemble < 2:00
021c Canto di Guerra Schumann, Robert Strumentale 10-20 ensemble < 2:00
055b Caravan Ellington, Duke Strumentale 10-20 ensemble Avanzato 2:00-5:00
055c Caravan Ellington, Duke Strumentale 10-20 ensemble Avanzato 2:00-5:00
011a Carnavalita Trad. Strumentale Orchestrale Semplice < 2:00
011b Carnavalita Trad. Strumentale Quintetto Semplice < 2:00
104a Castelivi Fiesta de la Santa Cruz Civil i Castellvi, Francesc Strumentale 10-20 ensemble Avanzato < 2:00
082a Cello Concerto Ibert, Albert Strumentale 10-20 ensemble Avanzato 10:00-15:00
057a Ci Vuole Orecchio Jannacci, Enzo 10-20 ensemble Intermedio 2:00-5:00
037c Cinema Satie, Erik Strumentale
015a Concerto per 2 sassofoni e orchestra Ibert, Jaques Strumentale 10-20 ensemble Avanzato 10:00-15:00
013a Concerto per 2 Violoncelli e Orchestra Handel, George Frederick Strumentale 10-20 ensemble Avanzato 10:00-15:00
094a Country Club Joplin S. Strumentale Sestetto Intermedio 2:00-5:00
044c Croquis et Agaceries Satie, Erik Strumentale 10-20 ensemble Avanzato 2:00-5:00
140a Cu ti lu Dissi Trad. Semplice 2:00-5:00
024a Dance Suite Seiber, Matyas Strumentale 7-10 piccola ensemble Semplice