Music And Resilience Support

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The project MARS received an Erasmus+ grant from the EU for the 2-year period 2015-17, and was achieved in a partnership led by the International Council of Music (Paris) and including Nordoff Robbins London, Moviment Coral Catala Barcellona, Euridea Florence, and NISCVT Lebanon.

MARS has developed resources for the training of musical professionals of various types (performers, teachers, educators, therapists, etc) in the context of psycho-social support through music in marginalised and deprived communities in, and beyond, Europe, by means of an online resource centre, which offers:

  • a freely accessible training course;
  • a resource database (bibliography, sitography, etc.)
  • the project's research publications:  MARS Needs Analysis, MARS Specialization Profile e MARS Staff Guidelines;
  • a virtual noticeboard for matching between work offers and availabilities in the field.

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In the near future, MARS will offer a 2° edition of the full training course, which includes residential seminars, distance tutoring and supervision, field training, and final evaluation with certification.