"La nostra missione dovrebbe essere cercar di cambiare le cose"

Maria João Pires esprime valori analoghi a quelli di PM

Fa sempre piacere quando una grande musicista e pianista come Maria João Pires esprime valori che sono molto simile a quelli che, nel nostro piccolo, stiamo cercando di diffondere.

Ecco cosa dice in un'intervista recente sulla professione del musicista e sugli obiettivi e lo scopo della musica:

People care about careers and themselves and all the business that is around music. And that is, for me, somehow, nonsense. Art has nothing to do with that. Competitions take the soul out of the musicians. And the first moments you want to make music in your life it’s for reasons other than business. And in competition you feel like you have to kill someone to have his place. This is horrible. This is not art.

So I would like to give young people the possibility of taking the mission of the society in the world. Not fighting against that but finding new ways. I’m not saying to change the world. This is very pretentious.

What better than to have artists in projects in many places in the world where problems are big. It’s not decent that we’re eating a lot and having a lot of luxury and people are dying because they have no food or no water.

Our mission should be to try to change things. And art is something that can give people their dignity back.

L'intervista completa si può leggere qui:

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