Ludwig Van

Milestone 1: 2005/6 opening years activity

“Ludwig Van” by Mauricio Kagel (2005/6) opening years activity

In those days we didn’t have the use of the building “the little school” in San Quirico near Montespertoli. We made music in different places, private houses, always moving around but with the possibility to use a small theatre in Cerbaia, the Jack and Joe Theatre which always had an adventurous programme of events. There we gave our first music-theatre production Ludwig Van by the Argentine composer Mauricio Kagel, which is maybe the first theatrical version in Italy.

The scenery was entirely made up of gigantic cloth screens with collages of Beethoven’s music. Even the chairs (which we still possess)  were covered with Beethoven scores. We still have some of the scenery but we have lost the chicken’s legs!

Kagel's genial idea is to make Beethoven’s importance as a composer a contemporary issue, clearing away the dust, de-mystifying the figure of the great composer and all the marketing of his ‘products’.

Take a look at how we renovated iconic pieces like the fifth, seventh and ninth symphonies, the sonatas Op.111 and the Moonlight, even Für Elise.

A production which aims to make us reflect on the role of music today.