music-theatre for the centenary of the 1st World War Armistice


The music of SatiErikon is an arrangement of 3 orchestal pieces by the Parisian composer Erik Satie (1866 - 1925): the ballets Parade and Relâche and the music for René Clair's silent film Entr’acte, which was originally placed between the 2 acts of Relâche. These works are intersperced with some of Satie's 'chansons' (Allons-y Chochotte, Chanson, Je Te Veux, Trois Poèmes d’Amour, Danseuse, La Diva de l’Empire, Air du Poete, Air du Rat, Adieu, Spleen).

The production will go on stage at the end of July 2018, as part of the Amedeo Bassi Festival in Montespertoli.

SatiErikon includes the projection of the film Entr’acte, complemented by films of battle scenes during the 1st World War, reminding us that the première of Parade took place in Paris in 1917. The films fulfil a function of commentary with regard to the actions on stage, suggesting new perspectives to the audience, with the aim of creating a direct relationship between image, action and meaning. Indeed, even though the show avoids explicit messages - there is no rational 'story-line' - the sequences of seemingly senseless and unconnected gestures and actions, framed by violent scenes of trench warfare, render an image of the 'absurd' to the audience. We are confronted by the absurd and incomprehensible: but we see that the gestures, actions and music have reference to the actions of war and violence. Now the message appears clear and direct.

Characterized and enriched by this ambivalence, SatiErikon is not therefore a simple Satie-esque performance ... but rather a critique of historical violent acts. In our opinion, this was the composer's state of mind as he wrote these works, in a European climate of terror and violence. And even if he could not openly denounce this, given the harsh restrictions on freedom imposed by the war regime, it is our wish today to give full voice to this, in all its expressive and rich intensity, and in any case we ask him to forgive us.

Created thanks to the support of MiBACT and SIAE within project "Sillumina"



Henry Brown concept, musical direction (CV)

Katia Frese coreography, direction (CV)

Gianni Pollini stage lighting (CV)

Daniele Spisa scenography (CV)

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