Social Harmony

Prima Materia has developed the project "Social Harmony" approved by the regional decree 19683/19, financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and the region of Tuscany. 

Regione Toscana     

Prima Materia is the project leader, together with partners: Council of Montespertoli, "Mani Tese" association, "Le Rose" Social Cooperative and "Cinque Pani Due Pesci" association. Furthermore, the Istituto Comprensivo Don Lorenzo Milani and social services are also involved in the planning of the project's actions.

The project aims at the development of socio-educational-cultural resources for the protection of local residents at risk of social vulnerability for various causes. The actions exploit the practices of "Community Music", which proposes a model of lifelong learning that is inclusive and accessible to the whole community.

The needs analysis identified three groups as direct beneficiaries of the project actions: adolescents with school problemst; migrants and asylum seekers no longer protected by the state reception system; people with disabilities.

"Social Harmony" offers musical courses in the regular groups of the Prima Materia's community project, "Il Musicatoio", or through specially trained groups with qualified teaching, and accompaniment or support where necessary, in a context where music supports the increase of "life skills", to improve the quality of life through relationships and actions.

In this way, thanks to the public sector and the partnership, the community of Prima Materia contributes to the care of the social fabric of the territory, with more and more music!

Project news
Despite the contingent difficulties of the Covid-19 emergency, thanks to the economic support ensured by the project, we have been able to carry out various actions for the most fragile and vulnerable people in the area, supporting them and their families during these very problematic months, in which social, cultural and educational opportunities have drastically reduced, particularly affecting those who are already living in situations of significant difficulty.

Accompanied paths of inclusion in musical communities for children with school problems:

  • in the period January-March, we were able to welcome several young people, with school problems and at social risk, within il Musicatoio;
  • unfortunately the workshop "Let's have fun with Music!" dedicated to middle school children, designed together with the “Don Milani” Comprehensive Institute of Montespertoli and social services for the period from March to June, was blocked by the lockdown and the closure of schools.

Inclusive paths for asylum seekers, with support for the resolution of logistical problems such as housing, advice and support for the path towards autonomous citizenship, including job search:

  • we were able to ensure the necessary support for the renewal of the rental contract in the name of 5 asylum seekers residing in San Quirico;
  • the planning of an internship at the “Le Rose” social cooperative was impossible to implement due to the Covid-19 emergency;
  • the action was reshaped to assist asylum seekers in the emergency lockdown practices, such as requesting food packages and citizenship support.

Paths with support for the disabled, expanding the offer with psycho-educational activities aimed at increasing personal and social autonomy, where possible:

  • in the period January-March, several young people and adults with clinical pictures of disabilities were integrated into the musical groups of il Musicatoio, followed where necessary with extra support;
  • from May to July, with the partial reopening of il Musicatoio limited to individual activities, these people were followed individually, to ensure continuity in musical activities;
  • the design of the workshop path with the C.A.R.I. of the “5 Pani 2 Pesci” association, which began in February, was blocked by the lockdown and resumed in October.
  • the planning of musical activities for students with disabilities and / or social-scholastic difficulties, together with the Enriques Institute of Castelfiorentino, scheduled for the period from March to June, was blocked by the lockdown and the closure of schools. Reactivated in October, it was again stopped by the dpcm of 4 November;
  • we are currently evaluating the possibility of welcoming some students from the Enriques Institute in the activities of il Musicatoio on site.

The project is supported by numerous professionals and involves a large number of volunteers, many of whom are participants in the Prima Materia music community. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 emergency has precluded any public sharing event with the community, a situation that persists in the last few months of the year.

We hope to be able to restore this aspect of the project as soon as possible, virus permitting!

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