PM Centre Project

redesigning our premises


The aim of the PM Centre Project is to transform the spaces of the ex-primary school of San Quirico (granted to PM, without rent, by the local council of Montespertoli, for the period  2015-2035), optimizing them for multi-purpose use within the context of a community arts centre, as a significant resource for the local community.

  • In 2015 we completed the 1st lot - the transformation of one of the wings of classrooms into 6 rooms of varying sizes, suitable for musical activity of different types (from individual study/tuition to group work);
  • in 2016 we completed the 2nd lot - a sound-proofed rock room.

The local council has pledged a contribution of 50% of the total costs, and PM is committed to every effort possible to find the other half! We are presently paying off a mortgage on part of the 1st lot, whilst for the 2nd lot we were lucky enough to qualify for the support of an interest-free loan from our local micro-credit group - MAG Firenze Cooperativa Finanziaria Mutualistica e Autogestita.

In 2017 we launched a funding campaign for the realization of the 3rd (2018) and 4th (2019) lots, which comprise: the re-structuring and insulating of the school's ex-gym and neaby rooms in order to create a music therapy unit, the administrative office and a waiting area; the creation of a separation corridor between new toilets and the main hall; the adaption of the kitchen to legal standards; the transformation of the main hall into a multi-purpose event space. 

We would be delighted if you support the funding campaign Sign a Brick, to help us continue with the project!

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