Like so many other projects, the idea of celebrating 15 years of activity of Prima Materia has been destroyed by the quarantine restrictions due to the coronavirus. We do not know when we will be able to resume a 'normal' social life let alone a celebration with concerts, dinners and parties, which seems an even more distant reality.

Who remembers how Prima Materia began?

This is idea behind these Milestones that we have passed as we travelled during these years. The idea is to celebrate some significant events and to tell them to those who were too young or who were not yet aware of our project.

By creating a collection of audio-visual material, photos and documents that serve as reminders year by year, we also want to hear comments from those who participated. So every now and again we will open a new chapter online. If you are curious, go and look below what we have done.

And then, nothing prevents one of you wanting to add something. For example telling the story of Scorribanda for example, the cultural exchanges, the contacts with other realities, national and international awards.

If I start by 'throwing the first stone' it is only because I was there at the birth of the association, but Prima Materia has always been a complex animal made up of many people, many brains, many hands and many ears. We listen ...

Henry Brown


Below is a list of the Milestones, which will be published gradually throughout this fifteenth year of the Musicatoio.